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Frequently asked questions


Can you tell me about Augmented reality?

Cutting-edge technology that allows a digitally enhanced view of the real world, connecting you with more meaningful content in your everyday life. With the camera and sensors in a smartphone or tablet, AR adds layers of digital information– videos, photos, sounds,3D images, Animations directly on top of items in the world around us.

From where do I get products other than the website.

You can purchase product/s from Facebook or Whatsapp or resellers.




How much discount do I get on a bulk order?

Kindly send your requirement to info@arkidzoo.com.


Visit: https://arkidzoo/bulk-order

Can I cancel the product already ordered?

Yes, before your product/s shipped.

Once the product/s shipped cannot be cancelled. 

I have received the wrong product

We genuinely apologize for the same. Kindly share the detail or photo of the received product to care@arkidzoo.com or Whatsapp +91 704 571 5717 We would replace the product/s with the right one.

What is the procedure for returning the product?

It would be appreciated if you specify the reason for returning the product via email to  care@arkidzoo.com or Whatsapp +91 704 571 5717 For more details you can review the return policy here:https://arkidzoo.com/terms-condition

From where do I get the activation code?

Activation code comes with Dropiz pack only.

I have lost or damaged the activation code or cross the limit by using in 2 devices

Kindly mail or Whatsapp to our support team at care@arkidzoo.com or  Whatsapp

Support Team Working Hours

Monday to Saturday

10.00 AM to 6.00 PM (Indian Standard Time)

I have lost my cell phone in which the app downloaded

No worries! We are here to help you. Kindly mail or Whatsapp to our support team at care@arkidzoo.com or  Whatsapp

Share the details like your contact no., product name, activation code. Accordingly, our team will reset the activation code for you.

What is Personalised gift tags?

Personalised gift tag contains the name of the Gifter (school/person), short gift note from Gifter (Not more than 10 words). Personalised gift tag usually attached in the place of the price tag.

Are you planning to add other languages in the existing app?

Yes, our team is working on that.


In how many days I will get my product/s once the order placed?

In Gujarat & Maharashtra state, it would take around 2-3 business days.

For the India region, it would take around 7-8 business days.

International  Shipping, it would take around 12 – 15  business days.

How much is the delivery cost for domestic shipping?

There is no cost for domestic shipping.

Do you do international shipping? If yes then can you tell me about the shipping cost and time?

Yes, we do. Time and cost vary from country to country.

Can I reschedule the delivery date?

Once the order shipped, reschedule is not possible.

Do you provide tracking number?

Yes, we do provide a tracking number once the order is shipped.

I am unable to track my order.

Kindly send the tracking number & order ID to care@arkidzoo.com so we can contact them.

How and when do I receive my products if I am not available at home?

In that case, kindly contact the shipping service provider that has mailed by us to at the time of your order shipped.

Technical Issue

I am not able to use the activation code in the second device. Message appeared like ‘you have crossed the device limit’ although it has not yet.

Don’t worry. we are here to help you. Kindly send the product name and activation code to care@arkidzoo.com. Accordingly, our support team will contact you.

The app is not working correctly on my device as 3D images do not appear, a black screen appears, frequently facing the issue of app crash/force close.

Kindly contact to our support team here: care@arkidzoo.com

Whatsapp: +91 704 571 5717

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Ping us or drop a query!

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